Reflexology Massage in Massage Chairs

Reflexology massage can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt. In fact traces of reflexology were found as far back as 2030 B. C. Humans have known about reflexology and its corresponding relationships. Today, many of these traditional methods have been replicated in massage chairs. Massage chairs use advanced functions and incorporate many desirable features for potential users.

Reflexology or also known as zone therapy focuses on the hands and feet. The hands and feet contain certain reflexology points. According to reflexology charts the hands and feet are connected to various organs throughout the body. When these particular 청담오피 points are stimulated they also interned relax their corresponding organ.

So the key with reflexology is to stimulate the points on the hands of the feet. This stimulation of the hands or feet in itself provides relaxation to the muscles, ligaments and tendons where the massage is being targeted. As these areas relax, they are somehow connected to major organs in the body.

Reflexology is mainly focused on the release of tension in the body. When someone is under stress, they began to tense up. This means the muscles are held under tension for sometimes very long periods of time. This in turn leads to muscle fatigue.

Also, when someone is under stress, the body prepares itself for protection. This means that the critical organs are activated in order to support the body in its defense. The hands and the feet are also mobilized readying the body for action.

Reflexology in a sense reverses the process of the body preparing itself for defense. Reflexology stimulates the hands and feet in order to relieve tension. Stimulating the reflexology points also relieves the tension and the major organs. This is thought to calm and soothe the body into relaxation.

Massage chairs have incorporated reflexology massage. These features have so far been focused on the feet. Many massage chairs provide an air compression massage for the lower body. These chairs also contain reflexology nodes that are targeting major trigger points.

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